Ioka builds AI powered applications for the real world.

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The Ioka Project is an exploration in long-form, non-fiction generative AI. 

Visit™ to see AI in action.™ is our first reference application designed to help job seekers and recruiters.

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About Us

AI Engaged

We build real world applications that harness the power of generative AI. We are eager to take on your generative AI projects to deliver real value to your organization.

Ready to Help You

We deliver practical generative AI solutions to our customers. Not ready to commit to an in-house team dedicated to AI? Want a POC but don't have the staff and skills? Let's talk.

Value Driven

We deliver optimal value with rapid prototyping and cost savings as you explore how generative AI can help your organization.

Right Expectations for AI

Generative AI is at the forefront of conversations in technology and business. We know how to deliver useful and responsible solutions using generative AI that will improve your bottom line.

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